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I know it has been a while since I wrote a real post.  I’ve been under the weather to say the least.  This is actually the first time in 2 weeks I have even been able to sit at my desk.  I ha… December 12, 2015Lori Ward Fun Read More

Holiday-Bake Hop-Whacky Cake

This is my mother’s best friend’s recipe. Jeanie Pryor, she has always been more like my second mom to me. She knew I loved this cake and would make it for me when ever she could. My mom a… December 1, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Easy,Family,Friends,Fun,Ideas,Recipe Recipes Read More

Periscope, What’s the Big Deal?

So lately you might have been hearing a lot about Periscope. It is an app on your phone. People can live stream content and others can participate by talking in chat or by tapping the screen and givin… November 9, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Easy,Family,Friends,Fun,Homeschool,Ideas Read More

Job a Day, Thursday, Banking

  I feel it is important to teach your children about different types of professions there are out there in the world. This week we took a job a day and explored the profession. There are so many… September 25, 2015Lori Ward Dramatic Play,Easy,Fun,Homeschool,Ideas,thrifty Dramatic Play,Fun,Homeschool,kinetic,Learning,thrifty Read More

Job a Day, Wednesday, Manager

Wednesday in our Job a Day week Luke learned all about being a manager. He filled out his application and off he went. He wasn’t sure at first about being someone’s boss at first but his b… September 25, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Dramatic Play,Easy,Fun,Homeschool,Ideas,thrifty Dramatic Play,Easy,Fun,Homeschool,kinetic,Learning Read More

Job a Day, Tuesday, Reporter

WARD Channel 5 This week we have been learning about different professions. Monday was Physician and Tuesday was Reporter. We started out the day just like on Monday he had to fill out an application.… September 25, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Dramatic Play,Easy,Homeschool,Ideas,thrifty Read More

Job a Day, Friday, CAD Engineering

Today is the last day of our job a day week. It has been a lot of fun and given my son a look at several different professions.  I think that today was his absolute favorite day by far though. Today … September 25, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Dramatic Play,Fun,Homeschool,thrifty Dramatic Play,Fun,Homeschool,Ideas,thrifty Read More

Job a Day, Monday, Dr. Luke

This week was called Job a Week for a reason. I want my son to learn about all different  types of professions. We are doing a lesson each day on a different type of  profession.  I’m still s… September 24, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Easy,Family,Friends,Fun,Homeschool,Ideas Dramatic Play,Homeschool,kinetic,Learning,Use what you have Read More

My Story

When this whole journey began, I didn’t have a clue what was about to happen. I have had migraines my whole life, I even remember when I was a child I’d put pillows on top of my head or my… September 16, 2015Lori Ward Brain Surgery,Faith,Family,Friends,Love,Meningioma,Prayer Brain Surgery,Faith,Family,Friends,Love,Meningioma,Prayer Read More

The Road to Recovery

In December it will be 2 years since I had the brain surgery. I’m feeling so much better now than I was before the surgery. I can function on a daily basis and my head doesn’t feel like it… September 16, 2015Lori Ward Brain Surgery,Faith Brain Surgery,Faith,Friends,Love,Prayer,Thank you Read More

It’s Only Brain Surgery

In July of 2013 I found out I had a brain tumor. In December of 2013 I had 2 tumors removed. These are the videos I made 3 months after surgery. September 14, 2015Lori Ward Brain Surgery Brain Surgery Read More

Don’t Give Up Give it to God!

Sixteen months a good friend of mine was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She has battled it with every ounce of her ability but not only that, she has been leaning on the Lord every step of the way. Wh… September 9, 2015Lori Ward Faith Faith Read More

Hologram Experiment by my 7 year old.

 My son who is 7 years old is very interested in science and doing experiments. He just comes up with some of the coolest ideas.  This is a video that we did on Periscope today.     Hologram E… September 8, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Easy,Fun,Homeschool,Ideas Hologram,Homeschool,thrifty,water bottle Read More

The Small Blessings Sometimes Mean the Most

Today, I’ve been working on several different projects and I’ve been really just in another world. I sometimes get caught up in what I’m doing and forget what is going on around me w… September 7, 2015Lori Ward Faith Faith Read More

Themed Day’s

If you have been feeling overwhelmed in your homeschoolthis could help you get your feet back on the ground. You don’t always have to go go go. Slow down take some time to enjoy your kids. September 4, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Easy,Fun,Homeschool,Ideas Fun,Homeschool,Slow Down,Themed Days,Wacky Wednesday Read More

Free and Wonderful Homeschool Resources

We started homeschooling our son last year at the beginning of January. I hadn’t homeschooled in a very long time.  I homeschooled my other children when they were younger but that had been abo… August 25, 2015Lori Ward Affordable,Easy,Homeschool,Ideas Fun,Homeschool,Slow Down Read More

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