September 24, 2015

Job a Day, Monday, Dr. Luke

This week was called Job a Week for a reason. I want my son to learn about all different  types of professions. We are doing a lesson each day on a different type of  profession.  I’m still staying with our block schedule with this too.

Physicians Forms

Physicians Forms

So Monday on our block schedule is Science and Social Studies .   The lesson is all about being a doctor.  I found some great forms online for dramatic play.  He also has to fill out an application each day. I just created something on my own for this but I got the inspiration from Melanie Wilson at  She posted it on her Facebook page Homeschool Sanity. It is from  I’ll post all of the printable’s at the bottom of the post.

We used some 1950’s Public Service Announcements about Health. He was extremely amused by these.  I also let him watch a video of Bill Nye the Science Guy. It was about the lungs.  We called it a Webinar. He knows all about Webinar’s because mamma attends them all the time. So that was fun to use as a teaching source.

We set his desk up with a laptop and his forms he had to review each patient’s file before he went in the room with them. Then in the room he did the exam and filled out the paperwork for them. If they needed it he would write them a prescription. His last patient was mom. He was able to look at my MRI Scan’s. I have them on a DVD so that was fun  to let him run through it and tell me what he thought we needed to do. It was also great because we were able to talk about his feelings about what happened to mom.

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Application for Employment

Doctor Forms

Learn to fill our forms 

2 Comments on “Job a Day, Monday, Dr. Luke

September 26, 2015 at 3:27 am

I LOVE this idea! What fantastic fun-and learning!! Can’t wait to try with my boys:)

September 26, 2015 at 1:04 pm

Neat! I love this idea!


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