September 25, 2015

Job a Day, Tuesday, Reporter

WARD Channel 5

This week we have been learning about different professions. Monday was Physician and Tuesday was Reporter.



We started out the day just like on Monday he had to fill out an application. He is also working on writing his name in cursive. I could tell that he had improved just in one day. That makes a mom seriously happy. Then we watched a video of some people reporting. I am a big fan of utilizing media on YouTube.

Next thing he had to do was find a person he would like to interview. While interviewing someone in the family would be easy. I chose to make him dig a little harder. He chose a few people that he follows on YouTube. He had to go to their websites and find out the information for our interview sheet.

After the interview sheet he had to write a report.  We went over the report after he  finished writing and proofread it then he re-wrote the report. The next thing he did was his actual report. I video taped it and played it back for him. This was a very fun day.  He did a total of 3 reports.

Tuesday is our reading day an there really was a lot of reading involved in all the research. He also did a lot of writing. I’d consider that a good day of work.



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October 21, 2015 at 3:23 am

I’m loving this series! Such an awesome idea! I may do this with the kids over the summer just to give them something fun to do and keep it educational 🙂


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