September 25, 2015

Job a Day, Wednesday, Manager

Wednesday in our Job a Day week Luke learned all about being a manager.

He filled out his application and off he went. He wasn’t sure at first about being someone’s boss at first but his brother Matthew helped make it fun for him. Luke read a book called Legends in Their Own Lunchbox, Lucy’s the Boss. He talked about what a good boss would be like.

He worked on the computer for a little while just typing up a to do list. It was just things that needed done that day. We actually had planned on today being the day he did what his daddy does at work but it just didn’t work out. Instead we decided to put him in charge of the house. He made the list of things to do I limited him on 6 things, I didn’t want him to go overboard. So after his list he was to ask his employee to do something and tell them what time it needed to be finished by. When the task was fininshed he had to check it off and write the time it was completed by.

While the house was being cleaned and he was at his desk I had him look at my planner and even gave him a monthly planner book that I bought for a $1 at the dollar tree. He thought that was really neat. I had him write down his schedule that we have for this week including Monday and Tuesday. We worked on spelling and punctuation as well as capitalization.

This was a good learning experience for him to see how the world works and that even though someone may be a Manager or a Boss they still have a lot of work to do. It isn’t just a lot of being bossy.

Application for Employment

To Do List

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September 26, 2015 at 1:05 pm

So awesome!


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