September 25, 2015

Job a Day, Thursday, Banking



I feel it is important to teach your children about different types of professions there are out there in the world. This week we took a job a day and explored the profession. There are so many things that they are learning not just about the job either. There is reading, writing, researching and as in today’s post a lot of math. You can even put history in there with any profession.

Thursday Luke worked as a Banker. This was one of those life lessons that I think is important for everyone to know. He had to fill out his application again. Then we went to work. I let him start with learning how to fill out a check. This is something that everyone needs to learn how to do. I know we are going into a more digital world but it is still a skill that I want my son to learn. I made him some checks I put his name on them but for the printout I’m just putting Student’s Name.  I had him fill out checks for several things that he might buy for an office.

Next we talked about debit cards. He learned how to use one and also another important life skill is to learn that there has to be money in the bank in order for you to use your card. I taught him that if someone used their card and there wasn’t money in the bank then the bank would charge them a fee.  We talked about loans and how people borrow money then have to pay back the bank with interest.

We watched a video about banking on YouTube. Going to the Bank.  After the video we did a little bit of money recognition and then counted money. I taught him how to count money back to someone. If I had $20 and I needed change he would give me two 10’s or a 10 and two 5’s. We did several different ways to count money and did a lot of math which he loves.  Another fun and successful work day!

Student Checks

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September 26, 2015 at 1:06 pm

What a great way to teach finances!


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