August 25, 2015

Free and Wonderful Homeschool Resources

We started homeschooling our son last year at the beginning of January. I hadn’t homeschooled in a very long time.  I homeschooled my other children when they were younger but that had been about  8  years.  I had no idea where to start then I found K12 Online Public School.  He would be learning the same thing that they are learning at his regular brick and mortar school but at home. I have a lot of good things to say about K12.  They give you all the books and most of the supplies that are needed for school. They give you a teacher and even have virtual classes to make sure that the kids understand the lessons.  My problem with it is that my son has special needs.  He is legally blind in one eye and he has to do a lot of eye therapy to help ensure that his good eye stays strong. I can’t alter the classes to meet his needs. So I’ve decided to pull him out and go rogue. We will be doing a lot of eclectic curriculum.  I’m really excited to start this new adventure. I’ve already been writing his lessons and I’ve found so many things online to help him. I’m going to list just a few.



Amy Milcic of is another wonderful site with tons of great and creative ideas.  She has lots of print outs as well!  She is a mom of 5 boys so she knows she has to keep things going all the time to keep them engaged in school work and she does a wonderful job. Did I say how creative she is… She is very creative!


Michelle Cannon is a wonderful homeschool mom who has 4 children who have bipolar disorder. Michelle’s page has a wealth of information for those who are going through any mental health issues involving bipolar disorder or autism.  Her website is has a lot of cool ideas for Minecraft lessons.  Pepper Ferguson, is a seriously talented and amazing lady. I highly recommend her site.
Read more at Machovka-Writing

Another site that I frequent is This is Melanie Wilson’s website. She is a seasoned homeschool mom and I admire her and her advice so much. She is a Christian Psychologist turned homeschool mom.   She has so many wonderful ideas and advice on her site it is definitely worth a look.


Amy Michael’s with has been a valuable source of help and support to me. I can’t say enough nice things about her.  She has such wonderful ideas!   She is a teacher turned homeschooler. kids_how_tall

Lindsey Garcia is another wonderful homeschool blogger. Her website is Lindsey is a very sweet lady who I admire so much. She has really wonderful ideas on how to have a no stress homeschool.  She talks about the Myers Briggs Tests too. Which is a personality test that really helps you figure out you and your child’s personalities and way of learning.


MacKenzie Monroe of is another wonderful homeschool blogger. She was actually one of the first blogs I ever read when I first started homeschooling my 7 year old about 6 months ago. She has some unique ideas and beautiful ways to incorporate beauty in our everyday life even in homeschooling.


Natalie Harmon is a wonderful homeschool consultant, she helps you figure out your child’s strengths and weaknesses and she is all about a  peaceful homeschool.  Her website is

Melodye Reynolds  has information on homeschooling, healthy living, essential oils, the bible and her faith.  Melodye is one of those people who you meet and you just know that they are the real deal!  She can always make me smile!

Have Fun!!!

Rochelle Barlow is the last one I’m going to talk about but not because she is the least.  Rochelle teaches American Sign Language.  She has a YouTube channel and a website Rochelle is a wonderful lady she has so much compassion and care for people and it really comes out when she is teaching.   She is also a homeschool momma too.  love-683926_640

I have so many more I could put down here but I’ll stop for now.  I have found so many wonderful homeschool moms through an app called Periscope. My handle is misokie_ga.  If you are a homeschooler it is worth a try!  Go to  and join us.



Until next time, I wish you a wonderful day and don’t forget to have fun with your kids and tell them everyday that you love them and that they are valuable.

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