November 9, 2015

Periscope, What’s the Big Deal?

So lately you might have been hearing a lot about Periscope. It is an app on your phone. People can live stream content and others can participate by talking in chat or by tapping the screen and giving hearts.  What is the big deal about Periscope? Well, for me it has been a deal changer, or maybe I should say life changer. I’ve suffered with paralyzing fear, fear of talking to people, fear of going out of my house, fear of being seen.  Periscope is bringing me out of that. As a matter of fact I just recently went to a Flea Market that is huge and very crowded and I didn’t have a panic attack.  Can I attribute this to this little app on my phone. No of course not but I can attribute it to something else I’ve talked about before. The Lord! I believe he showed me the way to Periscope and I  loved the groups they  were like-minded women and a few men but mostly women.  It has really changed my life.  I talk to these women on a daily basis now we pray for each other and we talk about different things we are doing in our homeschool.  I feel like I am finally becoming myself again. It has been a long arduous road. The pay off has been wonderful though.
I’ve dealt with depression my whole life but I could usually get out there and get involved but over the last few years I’ve put myself in a shell. I stopped going places, even going to the store was too much.  I now have praying friends that I talk to on a daily basis and I am finally getting out of the house, sometimes by myself!! What a wonderful thing the Lord is using this little application for!

If  you want to find me on Periscope my handle is @misokie_ga it is also the same as on Twitter and Instagram.

If you want to try this app I’d be happy to talk with you about it.

I’m a part of several groups on Facebook that are support groups for different things.  One is  This is a group for Periscoping homeschoolers. This group created by Melanie Wilson from  you can find her on Periscope @psychowith6

Another is  This is a group of ladies that love to save money. This Group created by Brandy at you can find her on Periscope @ourthriftyhome

Anther group is This is a new group to help those who are new to periscope or for those who just don’t know what to scope about. We will be having daily  challenges and lots of other fun stuff going on there.  Amy Milcic of  The Busy Boys Brigade founded this group. She’s @AmyMilicic on Periscope.

Amy Michael’s is a teacher turned homeschooler. She has such wonderful ideas. She is @teachingwithamy She also has a group on Facebook called Thrive Homeschooling

There are so many wonderful groups. I could go on and on. Please just try the app out and see what you think.  Look some of my friends up and I think you will be very glad you did.

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