September 7, 2015

The Small Blessings Sometimes Mean the Most

Today, I’ve been working on several different projects and I’ve been really just in another world. I sometimes get caught up in what I’m doing and forget what is going on around me when it is the weekend and my husband is watching sports and my 7-year-old is playing in the other room with his nephew. Today has been that kind of day. I’ve been very productive but not very diligent on eating or getting something to drink.  My oldest at home is 19 and he is an amazing cook. He’s currently cooking dinner and brought me a drink. He also told me that I need to make sure I eat something because I haven’t eaten today.  What a blessing he is. I’m not going to let this blessing go by without thanking him and Praising my Lord for such an awesome son.  Blessings don’t always have to be big or extravagant. They can be simple and sweet.  A blessing is something you feel grateful to have. 

I’m so blessed to have my family and friends!  Thank you Lord!

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